Fair prices instead of dumping prices!

Our members feel connected to a common code:

Good job for fair pay. For this reason you will not find any offers at dumping prices with us.

Self-regulating cabotage system

Initially, our offer starts exclusively for the German market. International providers are therefore currently unable to offer tours within Germany. Cross-border journeys are possible, however.

Do good – others talk about it!

Our platform thrives on the shared commitment to fair and professional cooperation. This also includes an objective assessment tool. The result: maximum transparency. Your good performance becomes visible. This will give your business a lasting boost.

Simply more fair!

We have given a lot of thought to how the entire transport process can be made fairer. For this reason, the price indication is mandatory for all offers. This is how we ensure that only serious offers are published.

Required documents for registration

Freight brokers who do not have their own vehicle fleet or who do not act as freight forwarders in the sense of the HGB do not belong to the target group of DAKO LOG. For this reason, we check all information and licenses during registration. In principle, every registration is subjected to a manual check.


Reduce empty trips by

Reduce empty trips

Avoid empty trips and use your fleet effectively


Registration checked by hand

Registration checked by hand

Everyone is checked manually for seriousness, creditworthiness and industry affiliation and must meet minimum requirements for admission

0.00 EUR Basic / month *

0.00 EUR Basic / month *

Basic access for only € 0.00 / month * including 3 users

Our services for you

Online access from anywhere in the world

Online access from anywhere in the world

Manage your profile and your users easily and regardless of location via the web browser. At any time, flexibly, efficiently and easily.

Publish cargo offers

Publish cargo offers

Offer your cargoes to the rated business partners. Here you can create groups that see your offers or even accept loads with immediate purchase. Save yourself the time for annoying phone calls and
Email traffic.

Offer excess cargo space

Offer excess cargo space

Offer your business partners the excess cargo space
and avoid empty runs or use our
automatic notification for selected cargo offers.

DAKO LOGTeams The network for your company and business partners


Network your branches, branches and your business partners in order to shorten the communication channels.
Use DAKO LOGTeams for group collaboration.

DAKO LOG order entry and administration (in development)

DAKO LOG order entry and administration (in development)

Record and manage your orders very conveniently in the DAKO LOG system.

If necessary, enter the recorded tours directly into the DAKO LOG freight exchange with a click of the mouse.

Invoicing and document archiving can be done in DAKO LOGDrive.

In development

DOK management is more than a technology (in development)

DOK management is more than a technology

It is one of the supreme disciplines in corporate organization. DAKO LOGDrive offers great savings potential, especially for transport and logistics companies, since paper as a carrier medium and its storage is expensive. With just a few clicks you can send the desired documents to your business partners or customers.

In development