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Frequently asked questions

Evaluation portal2021-02-08T11:37:15+01:00

With the rating portal you can rate other users and you can receive a rating from other users with whom you have entered into a business relationship via DAKO LOG.

Up to five stars can be given and a text can be added.

Positive reviews add value to the company and help users choose the right partners.

How long is the contract?2021-02-08T11:38:15+01:00
How long does the test phase last?2021-02-17T11:39:59+01:00

Test free of charge until further notice in connection with the corona pandemic. When you register, you will receive the license agreement with DAKO LOG and the terms and conditions attached. You have the option of uploading this contract via your admin area and sending it by email to

You don’t need to send us a separate cancellation.

How do I search for freight and loading space?2021-02-08T11:19:18+01:00

You can expand the filter and enter your required filters there.

In the search field you can search for a freight ID / loading space ID and the interval timer updates the offers according to the time you enter.

Tick the box to only see the latest offers.

How do I offer cargo space?2021-02-08T11:29:04+01:00

Go to the button “Offer cargo space” then to “+ offer cargo space” there, under point 1. Enter the departure date, then the position of the vehicle and the destination country or destination. Multiple countries can be selected. Under point 2, enter the vehicle properties and under point 3, the contact details. As with the freight offer, you can save as a template and copy, edit and delete.

How do I offer freight?2021-02-08T11:32:31+01:00

If you click on the “Offer freight” button, then “+ offer freight”, a window will open in which you can enter the loading and unloading points with the date and time. If you press the Enter key when entering the location, you can search for the desired location directly on the map. In the freight description you enter information about the freight such as length, weight, type of goods, freight price, payment term and the exchange of loading equipment.

You decide whether the freight price is publicly visible or not. To do this, set the slider to externally visible in order to make it public or not visible in order to make it only internally visible.

It continues with details of the required vehicle types, then with the contact details. The 5th point is available to users of the “Site Networking” package. (See point What is site networking). You can also save your freight offers as templates for recurring offers as well as copying, editing and deleting offers.

How can I start a new chat?2021-02-08T11:35:59+01:00

Click the plus sign + to add one of your contacts to Messenger. There is also the option of using the freight search and cargo space search to make a direct request via the messenger.

You can also drag and drop documents into the chat input and forward them. You can also use emojis to make your message more expressive.

How can I add new contacts?2021-02-08T11:43:42+01:00

Go to Contacts and select All Contacts for the filter. You can search for name, company and customer ID in the search field.

Next to the search field you will find the filter for the contact search. You can use the filter to limit the search for contacts.


How can I appoint contact persons from my company as admin2021-02-08T11:45:46+01:00

You can appoint any contact person who is registered for your company as an admin. This means that a new admin in the company can make the change to DAKO LOG for various reasons. This ensures that a contact person is always there and can make changes.

What is site networking?2021-02-08T11:52:47+01:00

With the additional “Location Networking” package, you can form closed groups and offer freight offers and cargo space there. You can even create several groups and define a specific time for each group, how long the offers are displayed in the respective group before it is then published in the next group. With this package you also have the option to activate the immediate purchase. This means that other users have the option of directly buying the freight offered for the price you have specified. This saves you the time to communicate via email and messenger. There is an automatic confirmation of the buyer to the seller.

How can other employees of my company use DAKO LOG?2021-02-08T11:54:51+01:00

There are two ways in which other employees in your company can use DAKO LOG:

The employee registers at, enters his personal data there and then goes on to point 2. Company data. There he selects the item Already a customer and gives the customer no. which he receives from the admin.
As an admin, you can easily click on other employees under Settings> Company data> Contact person and then on the plus, enter the employee data with their personal email address and press Save. You have already created a new employee. In a few minutes, the new employee receives his access link on his personal e-mail, where he can then assign a personal password so that he can log in to

Where can I register and where do I log in?2021-02-08T11:59:05+01:00

At, go to the green Register button and follow the instructions.

If you are registered, then go to Log in, enter your email address and password there.

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