If you click on the “Offer freight” button, then “+ offer freight”, a window will open in which you can enter the loading and unloading points with the date and time. If you press the Enter key when entering the location, you can search for the desired location directly on the map. In the freight description you enter information about the freight such as length, weight, type of goods, freight price, payment term and the exchange of loading equipment.

You decide whether the freight price is publicly visible or not. To do this, set the slider to externally visible in order to make it public or not visible in order to make it only internally visible.

It continues with details of the required vehicle types, then with the contact details. The 5th point is available to users of the “Site Networking” package. (See point What is site networking). You can also save your freight offers as templates for recurring offers as well as copying, editing and deleting offers.