With DAKO LOG you awaken the potential that lies dormant in your company!

Digitize your logistics workflow

Logistics processes are becoming increasingly complex. For freight forwarders, carriers and shippers alike, the following applies: Only those who go along with digitization will still be in the game in the future. That's why DAKO LOG exists. This is where supply meets demand. Everything in a fair framework and consistently digitized. From tendering to commissioning.

From billing to archiving. Everything simple and efficient. Everything is perfectly integrated into your day-to-day business. And all for good reason: We want you to benefit from the opportunities of digitization, regardless of the size of your company.

Easy. flexible. Mobile

For every device

Use the DAKO LOG platform regardless of location via the web browser also via your mobile device At any time, flexibly, efficiently and uncomplicatedly.

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Cargo & Cargo Space

We also don't like emptying

The web-based freight & cargo space platform helps transport and logistics companies as well as shippers to quickly and efficiently broker freight to transport service providers and to save empty kilometers.

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We make it easy


Create your own groups to exchange offers with your selected business partners, branches or branches.

Use DAKO LOG Teams for group collaboration.

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Tender Manager


The Tender Manager is a web-based platform for freight tenders that makes the procurement process of cargo space easier and more efficient.

Freight tenders via Excel and e-mail are very time-consuming and rob a lot of resources.

DaKO LOG's Tender Manager makes it easy to create tenders.

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DAKO LOG in numbers

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