Product overview

Everything on one platform

For shippers from trade and industry

Find your transport partner within seconds

As a shipper, you have it particularly easy with DAKO LOG. Instead of laboriously placing loads in various freight exchanges, we offer interfaces to your IT through individual programming. All processes can thus be completed in a familiar environment and with just a few mouse clicks. Within seconds you will get an access to our quality-checked transport partner network.

Use networking as a driver for your success

Whether you are a producer, purchasing group, retail chain or manufacturer – with DAKO LOG you can easily create your own transport network and thus unleash the full potential that lies dormant in your system. Do you want to play out freight offers only to favorites or make loads initially visible only for a time window defined by you and special partners? Whatever you want – with DAKO LOG you can optimize your transport management simply and efficiently.

Find suitable business partners and build networks with DAKO LOG teams.

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Dako Log Tender Manager

For service providers from the transport and logistics world

Tender Manager was developed to make freight tenders easy for everyone.

Through automated processes of our Tender Manager, up to 90% of time can be saved per tender. The communication flow as well as the data exchange can be done completely via our platform and will be added to the respective tender.

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Add-ons for your needs

Not always every software fits for every purpose. And for this reason, we offer our extensions to the products on a modular basis.

This way, you only use what you really need.

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