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Cargo & Hold

At DAKO LOG you will meet fair and verified business partners, cargoes and prices. In addition, you can become part of a network on our platform and receive freight offers prioritized and exclusive.

Thanks to a buy-it-now function, you can get into business faster without long ways via phone and email or inquiries via messenger.

Experience a new and efficient world

For shippers from trade and industry

Find your transport partner within seconds

As a shipper, you have it particularly easy with DAKO LOG. Instead of laboriously placing loads in various freight exchanges, we offer interfaces to your IT through individual programming. All processes can thus be completed in a familiar environment and with just a few mouse clicks. Within seconds you will get an access to our quality-checked transport partner network.

Use networking as a driver for your success

Whether you are a producer, purchasing group, retail chain or manufacturer – with DAKO LOG you can easily create your own transport network and thus unleash the full potential that lies dormant in your system. Do you want to play out freight offers only to favorites or make loads initially visible only for a time window defined by you and special partners? Whatever you want – with DAKO LOG you can optimize your transport management simply and efficiently.

Find suitable business partners and build networks with DAKO LOG teams.

For forwarders and logisticians

Reliable carriers

As a freight forwarder or logistics service provider, you need reliable carriers for your road transports. With just a few clicks you will meet the right partners here. With DAKO LOG you publish your freight offers in a flash. Use our conveniently designed interface for this purpose. With a variety of parameters, the offer can be precisely recorded and targeted to the right carriers. Best of all: Thanks to DAKO LOG, you turn every order into a digital workflow. Consistent, without media discontinuity and always maximally efficient.

For transport companies / small business

Digitization for everyone

While large players in the transport and logistics market optimize their operations with specially developed IT solutions, smaller providers often do not have the opportunity to benefit from digitization. This is exactly where DAKO LOG comes into play. Because we offer you more than just the right cargo. Why not handle the entire order process online right now? This brings many advantages to you and your customers:

From order placement to status messages and delivery receipts to archiving and invoicing – with DAKO LOG you can position yourself digitally in the market.

Dako Log Teams

The network for your company

With DAKO LOG Teams all offers can be shared in a closed group of participants. No matter if freight or cargo offers, tenders can also be shared via DAKO LOG Teams in a closed group.

Create your own group by adding your matching participants in a create group and form your own network. All participants in your group will now receive your quotes.

In addition, time release can be activated for freight and hold offers. Here you can select multiple groups in your network and activate your offers for a time you specify. Once the specified time has elapsed, the offer is offered to the Next group.


Cargo & Hold

  • Basic tariff
  • incl. 3 User
  • can be extended via add-ons

per add. User

  • Add-on to basic tariff
  • each additional user account


  • Add-on to basic tariff
  • Create and network your own groups

all prices are monthly in EUR, net plus. VAT

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